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New age car wheelsImprove vehicle safety index

  • Safety, energy saving, noise reduction

    Wheel hub lightweight, high strength, beautiful

  • Compared with traditional gravity casting, forging process,

    The weight of the hub is reduced by 20% and the strength is more than ten times.

  • Wheel hub aluminum alloy material, imported equipment forging production,

    High - grade atmosphere with texture, complete size model

    Car friends and manufacturers love it, and the market is booming.

Aluminum alloy material, precision forgingAuto parts production


Create a good quality rim Domestic good quality wheel brand

Focus on automobile wheel hub manufacturing

Service hotlineService hotline4008-610019

01 Foreign wheel hub modificationbrand11 years of professional experience

  • Professional production and sales of aluminum alloy wheel hub

  • "Quality for survival, service as the main body" business philosophy

02 Professionaltechnical production team Convergence technology to produce

  • Insist on people-oriented, recruit professional talents, train all staff on the post, for the company to make better results.

  • Every process is strictly checked by professional technicians, the products need to be inspected by the equipment to reach the standard before entering the warehouse.

Years of professional experience, guaranteed Quality

03 Imported equipmentmeets export standardsForeign export standards

  • High quality car aluminum wheel hub, imported equipment from abroad, industry leading level.

  • Germany automatic low pressure machine, automatic machine processing, automatic painting line; Import surface treatment production line and complete inspection.

04 Personalized customizedfull range of servicesProfessional technical production team

  • Customers can provide aluminum alloy wheel design, weight, modeling, color and other personality customized

Hub good quality, imported equipment Personalized customized full range of services Personalized customized full range of services

05 factory outlet,High cost performance,Profit spaceIntegration of factory r&d, production and sales

  • Research and development, design, sales integration, cost-effective products, to ensure the product's profit space.

06 Domestic sales outlets,Product after-saleIntegrated sales model

  • We promise our customers that if there are quality problems in the products within the scope of factory quality protection, we can return and replace them.

  • The concept of "customer first, good quality, honest and trustworthy" serves every customer well.

Factory direct selling, high cost performance, large profit space
广州某公司 李经理

广州某公司 李经理

经销精轮 2008年-至今 平均月销量:50万


惠通陆华 王经理

惠通陆华 王经理

经销精轮2010年-至今 平均月销量:45万


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